Martha Lopez
Office Manager


Martha Lopez, a lifelong resident of the Salinas Valley started working at Santa Lucia Medical Group since the clinic first opened in 1987. Within just a few months after being hired as a receptionist, she was quickly transferred to our billing department, where she became our billing department supervisor just after 3 years then eventually became our office manager in 2000. Since becoming office manager, she has been motivated and dedicated to making Santa Lucia Medical Group a place where patients receive the highest quality of care. She has also been committed to making Santa Lucia Medical group a family and friendly environment, not only with our patients but with our staff, as well.


General Education – Hartnell College

Qualifications and Certifications:

Director, Human Resource, Osha Compliance Training, Loss Prevention Control, Payroll, Payables, Accounting, Retirement Plan Coordinator and Credentialing

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